CASA Alerts App

Thanks for agreeing to participate in CASA Alerts, our next-generation hazardous weather warning research project! Our goal is to improve the way severe weather information is delivered to you. The CASA radar testbed ( uses cutting-edge radars to improve how we detect and forecast flash floods, hail, high winds and tornados. We know that for any technology to be really effective, it should be operated with its users in mind. That is why we are doing this research. And that is why we will be asking you for your opinion about the app's features. When you use this app, you will get alerts when thunderstorms and heavy rain occur in the Dallas-Fortworth metroplex; however you should also keep up to date with other sources of information that you normally use for weather.

CASA Alerts has been developed jointly by researchers from the CASA Engineering Research Center and the MobilityFirst Future Internet Architecture (FIA) project with funding from the National Science Foundation grants via the Hazards SEES (#1331572), FIA-NP, and FIA (#1345300, #1040781) programs. This project is led by University of Massachusetts Amherst in collaboration with Colorado State University and the University of Delaware.

If you have questions about CASA Alerts and the app, please contact: